Bar TV offers a dynamic, interactive entertainment medium tailored to hotels and clubs.  Bar TV broadcasts information and entertainment to each venue via high speed internet and our custom built computers that are connected to the venue’s TV system, providing direct connection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The Bar TV platform includes our launch product "PubTriv" as well as media content such as sports results, news and weather.  BarTV is currently operating in twelve venues in the Newcastle region and expanding to more than twenty with the introduction of the Newcastle Rugby League. We will be screening four great games each week, with season launch on the 14th April 2013.


Broadcasting local sports into local venues. Currently consisting of Newcastle Rugby League, NHRU and fishing TV. However if you would like your game seen at your local watering hole contact us at .


The interactive component of BarTV is a trivia game called 'PubTriv' which patrons play via SMS or Twitter.  PubTriv allows players to not only compete with other people in their venue, but with participants from other venues around the country. PubTriv operates 7 days a week. For more info visit