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QuizMasters held our first quiz back in 1991 and we have truly mastered it!

Our Weekly Trivia is a general knowledge quiz, and we pride ourselves on creating an engaging and entertaining product which appeals to all ages and interests. Our quirky and crazy production team are always developing new and fun ways to challenge players, and the thousands of weekly QM players certainly keep coming back for more. 

We believe that pub trivia should be a fun night out, not like 'taking a test'. For this reason our quiz is designed so that most teams should be able to get around 80% of the questions right. No one should ever go home feeling stupid, and we've found that quizzes that are too difficult or overly challenging do not foster a fun environment for teams. Don't get me wrong, we still include some brain-scratchers, but ultimately we want everyone to have a great time and come back again next week! 

The quiz includes 5 x mini games which are designed to be won by any team, even if they aren't particularly 'good' at trivia. The mini games are an important part of the quiz, as often with any trivia night, you will notice the same few tables slide around in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The mini games are a way of giving out some prizes to teams who don't generally win, and thus encouraging their return the following week. Our goal is to give those players a reason to come back every week and continue to enjoy the top notch food and drinks you have to offer.

Our Weekly Trivia is 2 rounds of 25 questions (plus the 5 mini games) and runs for approximately 1.5-2 hours. It is a visual product with many picture and video questions, so your host will need to plug in or cast their laptop to your screens. You will also need to provide the host with a microphone for the evening.

We are extremely experienced in all aspects of what it takes to make a trivia night successful and we offer that knowledge to all our venue partners. From advertising ideas to technical assistance we are always here to help.

With prices for a fully hosted trivia night starting at $230+GST, reach out now to find out how QuizMasters can help make your regular trivia night a success!