QuizMasters began back in 1991. Yep, that was ages ago. It was the year Terminator 2:Judgement Day was released, Ed Sheeran was born, and Patrick Swayze was the sexiest man alive. It was the year that R.E.M lost their religion, and the year that two random dudes sitting in a pub thought, “It be awesome if we could play Trivia here”. With their powers combined, QuizMasters was born.

We write and produce weekly pub quizzes for pubs, clubs and bars as well a dabble in other fun stuff too such as Music Bingo and Themed Trivia. 

Our office is based out of Newcastle, NSW. It's a magic place where a few of us get together each day to create Trivia and Music Bingo gold. We've got a writer, a producer, a fact checker, a proof reader, and a less socially awkward person who manages our venues and hosts... 

Although we've grown over the years and now have all the experience of a sussessful long running business, we pride ourselves on still having the heart and enthusiasm of a smaller operation!