You can find a full list of our weekly venues right here on our website. Just click the tab that says “PLAY TRIVIA” and pick whichever venue takes your fancy!

Monday through Thursday night quizzes include a “Fans and Followers” freebie. Yep! A FREE POINT! Simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram and keep an eye out for the daily post. The post will list each venue running that night and also give a free ANSWER for that nights quiz!

The quiz runs between 1.5-2 hours depending on the venue and number of teams.

Yes! Absolutely! We never run the same quiz twice! You can play every night of the week and as many different venues as you like!

Some of our venues have a Jackpot up for grabs. The amount of money up for grabs is different at each venue but generally grows each week until one lucky team wins! There are 3 simple rules. (4 if you include ‘no cheating’ but I think that goes unsaid).

  1. This particular answer must be spelt correctly.
  2. Only ONE team can win. There is no splitting or sharing of the jackpot, so if more than one team get the correct answer no one wins and we keep playing for it the following week! And
  3. You only have 45 seconds to answer this question.

Obviously don’t use your phone to cheat! Cheating at trivia makes you an all-around bad person and tends to make your host very sad. But if you need to use your phone to send a message, check an email, show people pictures of a cute teacup pig or as a flashlight to find whatever you dropped underneath your table go right ahead!


It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Pop through an email to mel@quizmasters.com.au or admin@quizmasters.com.au and we will hook you up! We can generally start running weekly trivia nights for you within a fortnight of your enquiry, given no tech issues arise when we pop out to your venue to visit.

We leave that up to you. Each venue provides their own prizes for the evening which our hosts will happily hand out. We can however provide you with guidance based on our 20+ years of experience as to what prizes structures work best to generate regular players.

YES. Our quiz is multimedia and includes picture and video questions. Our tech guys are happy to pop out to your venue in advance and check that your system will work for our quiz. Whether you have a full multi-screen in house system or a single screen with a HDMI cable hanging out the back, we can work with it! Our tech guys are known for crafty solutions and innovative thinking so we are sure we can help you to get up and running!

Great! Offering a jackpot is a great way to entice new players and get keep your regular players excited. We generally recommend that you pick a base of $100, and that the jackpot amount increases by $25 each week until it goes off. Some venues choose to cap their Jackpot at $1000. We are happy to talk you through it and come up a Jackpot structure that works for you! Venues who offer Jackpots also get a special shout out on our Social Media channels when their jackpot goes off.

We invoice fortnightly and your invoice includes our bank details for direct transfer. If you have a question about your invoice you can email accounts@quizmasters.com.au and our accounts team can help you out.

If the host you like is available on the night that you want to run trivia we will do our best. We work hard to ensure each host is a good fit for the venue we send them to.